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Kybella® Treatment at Stunning Beauty Med Spa

Kybella® Treatment at Stunning Beauty Med Spa

Kybella in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Looking for an effective double chin reduction treatment? Consider Kybella! Simply schedule a consultation at Stunning Beauty Med Spa by calling at (954) 686-1483. Our med spa is conveniently located at 1699 E Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 140 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334.

Kybella Near Me Fort Lauderdale, FL

The non-surgical alternative to liposuction

Get rid of that stubborn double chin!

What is kybella®?

Kybella® for double chin is a prescription medicine that acts to dissolve submental fat deposits in the chin area and is used to get rid of fat deposits to reduce or remove the appearance of a “double chin”. Several treatments may be needed to reach your goals depending on the amount of submental fat deposits in the area. Kybella® is considered a minimally invasive treatment for double chin and is regarded by many as an alternative to invasive procedures for the removal or treatment of double chin.

Does kybella® actually get rid of double chin?

Yes it does! In fact, Kybella® recieved a 2015 “Best of Beauty” award from Allure. Kybella® is the first and only FDA-Approved injectable treatment for improving the appearance of “Double Chin” also known as moderate to severe submental fullness.

How does kybella® treat double chin?

Kybella® uses a substance that is identical to deoxycholic acid which exists naturally in your body and works to break down and absorb fat. When Kybella® is injected to the chin area the fat is killed permanently so your double chin’s appearance will be reduced or eliminated without the need to redo the series of treatments again in the future. Kybella® results vary and more than one treatment is usually needed to achieve your desired results, but when you reach your desired look your chin will stay like that and will not regain any of the fat that was broken down.

Kybella® versus liposuction

Unlike Liposuction results reached with Kybella® are usually permanent! Fat that is broken down using Kybella® does not return to the area which cannot be said about Liposuction. Kybella® is also minimally invasive.

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