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Thread Lift Procedure at Stunning Beauty Med Spa

Thread Lift Procedure at Stunning Beauty Med Spa

Thread Lift in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Looking for the best non-surgical facelift procedure? Consider Thread Lift! To find out if you are a good candidate for a Thread Lift treatment, call us today or request a consultation online.

Thread Lift in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The non-surgical facelift!

Get a facelift without the surgery!

As we age our body naturally stops making as much collagen. This leads to our skin thinning, which makes our skin lose volume and strength and as our skin grows weaker it is unable to support the tissue underneath it like is once did. This is a major factor in the creation of wrinkles and excess skin.

What is a thread lift?

A Thread Lift is a procedure where temporary sutures are used stitch up portions of loose skin to create a lifting effect. The sutures are tiny and often go unnoticed once the skin has healed around them. The Thread Lift procedure is nonsurgical and considered to be minimally to noninvasive. A major benefit of a Thread Lift is the procedure causes your body’s natural healing response to kick in which has the added benefit of creating extra collagen in the treated areas.

Thread Lift Versus Facelift Surgery

Recovery from a Thread Lift is much easier and shorter than recovery from Facelift Surgery. A Thread Lift can be done using only local anesthesia while Facelift Surgery requires heavy sedation which means a patient cannot drive themselves after Facelift Surgery, but with Thread Lift Procedures that are much less invasive patients are free to drive and care for themselves. This is considered to be one of the biggest advantages of a Thread Lift for many patients! Thread Lifts are also much more affordable than Facelift Surgery and have fewer associated costs. For example, Facelift Surgery recovery time can vary but is often around two weeks which means a patient for a Facelift Surgery has to take time from work and if he or she has children they need to make arrangements for some to care for the children while the patient is recovering. Other associated costs can include a caretaker to keep the patient comfortable since Facelift Surgery is so invasive. On the other hand, Thread Lifts have significantly less associated costs and require no caretaker. Thread Lift Patients still need to take care of themselves since they had a procedure performed on them so basic care and attention need to occur, but they are free to care for themselves.

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